Customer’s Feedback 

We take serving our customer’s needs seriously. We’re proud and honoured to have received comments from our customers around the world! Below is a selection of the comments we’ve received over time…

Oh… one more thing, it’s not just for good news – we’re happy to accept constructive criticism too. That’s how we can get better, and also help resolve issues or misunderstandings.

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PR, Bristol UK

Hi Sophie, had an email today saying our missing bag would be delivered to me this afternoon, many thanks for your help not sure the airline would have found it on their own! My wife will be very happy, it’s her bag with all her holiday clothes and bits and pieces.

Sarah, Edinburgh

My suitcase has arrived, and I cannot thank you enough for all your support and assistance. The comfort of knowing your system would find the bag even if the paper label was gone has kept me sane for the last month.

Anne, USA

These tags are great peace of mind. Had a problem with one tag. Emailed company. They had it sorted out immediately.

L Costa, Brazil

All the luggages were found last night and they are at Fortaleza Airport only waiting for me. Thanks a lot.

Verified Customer, London UK

I’ve just received an update that the luggage has been found. We are waiting for it to be delivered.

DW, Cambridgeshire UK

Sophie, Thank you for your help. Brilliant product so well done.

LJ, Edinburgh UK

This Tracker system is excellent but you have to play your part – ie READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Simple.

PC, Merseyside UK

Sometime ago I had a problem with my (old) Trace Me luggage tags. A very helpful young lady sent me two brand new up to date tags ‘free of charge’ with a long registration date to renewal.

Once again excellent customer service.

C S-T, Dorset UK

Sophie you’re a STAR!
Just paid the amount through PayPal and will destroy the old tags when the new ones arrive. Thank you so much for your time and trouble and I can now go to Italy with a quiet mind and safe luggage.

P.S. Do you have a Trustpilot review site so I can tell everyone how great you are? Only too glad to let people know how good you are!

Roger Warren, USA

The airports could not locate my luggage, especially in Sydney, yet TRACE ME located it within a couple of hours! We are currently on a trip with 34 members of Diamond Resorts Int’l. Everyone is being told how great you folks are!

G Phipps, Gloucestershire UK

Travelling from San Antonio via Dallas to Muscat, Oman. The whole trip was one of those travel nightmare from beginning to end. Delay, cancellation, overnight in a hotel, delay and so on. When over two day later, I finally arrived in Muscat at midnight via Abu Dhabi I found that my luggage had been lost on route. I was visiting to undertake an interview for Group Managing Director of a major Omani company and was required to meet them for breakfast the very next morning WITH NO CLOTHES. I thought all was lost as I did not even have my razor!

At 4.00am I was notified by TRACE ME Luggage Tracker that my luggage had been found and that it had finally arrived in Muscat. I was able to send a hotel taxi to pick up my luggage which arrived back at 5.30am allowing me to wash and change into a suit ready for breakfast at 7.00am.

I can certainly say that my investment in the TRACE ME Tag was one of my best investments as I got the job and I am now working in Oman.

D. Small, Germany

I have been using this item for several years. The idea is great, but unfortunately the card itself is not robust. Yet another replacement disappeared during my last trip, completely ripped off the suitcase. The actual card had been almost folded in two on a previous trip. The card needs to be metal and so does the strap that attaches it to your case. Plastic is just not robust enough for airport luggage handling.

Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking at the most durable tag and fixing options and have changed the strap you had on your original tag to a new loop fastener which I will send out to you. We hope you find the new design more effective.

We don’t use metal tags as they have a higher chance of being caught in the airport machinery than plastic ones. As you know, all lost or damaged tags are replaced free of charge with only a postage cost according to location.

Sophie Osborn, Co-Founder and Head of Customer Support