Why choose TRACE ME Smart ID?


Fully Integrated with SITA WorldTracer (airline baggage system)

Compatible with all other major baggage systems around the world

24/7 customer connection via email
& messaging


Unique serial number and online account

Renewable membership

A range of products to suit your needs


No moving parts or batteries

Always works where RFID, GSM or GPS signals are compromised

FREE App available


No public display of personal information

Certified ISO database protection

USD $500 Product Performance Warranty as bag loss protection

FREE Extra Protection – Add our “Inside Bag ID Sheet”

Airlines, Airports and Travel Experts will tell you that the best way to minimise the risk of losing your bag is to add clear and secure back-up ID inside and outside your bag. TRACE ME provides that extra protection by providing our Inside Bag ID Sheet.

Simply download and print the sheet, write your TRACE ME serial number on it and place it INSIDE your bag before travel. It’s free to download and use.